1984 By George Orwell

1984 - George Orwell


This Book was Amazing.


It is the year 1984.
Winston Smith, a citizen of Oceania, and a member of the party, wherever he is, he is always watched through telescreens, always in fear of Big Brother.
The Party controls everything and forcing people to use a new invented language called Newspeak, to prevent political rebellion and get rid of words related to it.
it's slogan is :


Winston dislikes the party and he doesn't want to be under their control, He illegally purchased a diary in which He writes his thoughts all related to the Party and his life. and got in touch with a powerful party member "O'brien" whom he believes is a secret member of the Brotherhood (a group that works against the party).
He was rebelling.


well ! Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, and while he is in work, He notices a beautiful girl, staring at him, and worries that she's watching him to turn him to the thoughtcrime, and he is afraid for all the thoughts he is thinking are against the party.
but one day, Winston receives a note from the girl telling him that she loves him, and that Julia is her name, they start a love affair, always hidden, and while his love for Julia grows , his hate for the party grows more and At last, he receives a message that O’Brien wants to see him.


in their meeting, O'brien convinces Winston and Julia that like them he Hates the party and that he is a member of the Brotherhood, he asks them to join him and gives Winston a copy of Goldstein’s book.


Winston reads the book to Julia in their secret place, suddenly, soldiers barge in and capture them, Winston was taken to the Ministry of Love, he finds out that O’Brien is a spy who pretends to be a member of the Brotherhood.


O’Brien spends months torturing Winston and finally sents him to Room 101 where he is forced to face his biggest fear, Rats, Winston is so afraid that he gives up Julia, He asked O'brien to do it to Julia, not to him and that's what O'brien wanted all along.

Winston is released, he meets Julia but he doesn't feel a thing for her anymore, and He has finally accepted the Party and realized that he loves Big Brother.

---> favourite Quotation :
"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."



* I Highly recommend this books *