The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins


great psychological thriller ! once i started reading it i couldn't stop !

the main character is Rachel *the girl on the train*, a depressed drunkard, she spends her days pretending that she's going to work, everyday she takes the train that goes past a stretch of cozy suburban houses, and on her little journeys she daily watch and imagines the life of the same couple who live in one of the houses. she named them *Jess and Jason*. They are the perfect couple, or at least they are inside her head. but one day , Rachel sees Jess Kissing some guy, a guy who wasn't Jason her Husband, and she’s devastated.
Jess goes missing soon after that, and Rachel manages to get herself into a huge mess, a lot of secrets, dirty secrets.

i really enjoyed this book, it was just amazing.