The Book Thief

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Title : The Book Thief

Author : Markus Zusak


a girl ♥

an accordionist ♥

some fanatical Germans ♥

a Jewish fist fighter ♥

and quite a lot of thievery. ♥






a story told by "Death" itself :
Liesel Meminger is a young German girl who's been fostered with Hans and Rosa Hubermann when her mother left her unable to take care of her , her young brother died and thoughts of a communist father who left them when she was little.
her new parents were kind but rough people. life is not easy, especially for those like Hans Hubermann who have refused to join the Party. Hitler is in power and the times become even more difficult.
Liesel steals books and learns to read & even write , she learns the true meaning of family through her caring new Papa and her friendships with Rudy, the boy next door who idolizes Jesse Owens and MAX a Jewish man whom the Hubermanns hide in their basement ...
and through it all, the narrator : Death, continues separating souls from bodies.

some great moments in the book :

♥ the snowball fight in a basement.
♥ Liesel reading to the neighbors in the basement while it was bombing outside.
♥ when Rosa was holding the accordion and hugging it missing her husband Hans
♥ the Word Shaker
♥ papa's coming back from war.
♥ the gifts Liesel gave to max

the ending though ! the death of Hans , rosa , Rudy especially was so sad ! how he described it all ! ... the saddest thing I've ever read .. i cried like i never did before .. so wonderful, so tragic.


I found The Book Thief quite enchanting. ♥
the story went through my soul.

i really can't describe properly the beauty of this book. It will move you to laughter and tears, often at the same time. It has changed my soul.

I Highly, highly, highly recommend it