A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

A Dance With Dragons - George R.R. Martin



The beginning of A Dance with Dragons focuses on the events that happens on the Wall, and across the Sea. Stannis and his host bring the Wildlings south of the Wall , they take up residence in some of the abandoned castles along the wall. Stannis has plans to retake the North, Jon Snow, who is the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, is faced with difficult decisions, as he faces the threat of White Walkers looming in the North.

Bran, who is thought dead marches North in search of the Three Eyed Crow which he sees in his dreams. Accompanied by Meera, Jojen, Hodor and a mysterious rider with cold black hands, the group travel deep in the Lands of Winter, seeking Bran’s fate.

South, Tyrion Lannister lands to Pentos, where he is met by the familiar face of Magister Illyrio. Tyrion is mean to assist Daenerys in her conquest. He leaves Pentos in a matter of days to join up with a secret group that is travelling down the Rhyone. However his journey doesn’t go according to the plan as he begins a new journey to a different destination.

Daenerys, who had settled in the city of Mereen is finding her people to be cruel and disrespectful towards her new laws . she feels obligated to see Mereen to peace.


When Stannis marches for Winterfell with his host, in his way he captures Asha Greyjoy. He continues towards Winterfell though a winter storm stops them in their tracks, days from Winterfell.

Jon Snow, who heeds to the advice of Lady Melissandre, sends the Lord of Bones south of the wall to Winterfell, with the hopes of rescuing his sister from Lord Ramsay, the Bastard of Bolton. not knowing that the girl is an imposter, and Arya is safe across the sea in Bravos, training to become a Faceless Man.


Martins created one of the greatest fantasies of all the time ♥
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