The Vampire Chronicles #1 #2 #3

Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice The Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice

(The Vampire Chronicle)

by : Anne Rice


#1:Interview with the Vampire



- the confessions of a vampire -


" Evil is a point of view".


I am going to make my own confess that I didn't read this book until after I'd seen the movie. and since then i make a decision to read everything Rice has written cause the book was simply GREAT !

i was so in LOVE with the characters

Louis, naughty Lestat, smart Claudia and Armand *.* !

Deep, Dark, Gothic, Haunting vampires story that only Anne Rice could write.




 #2:The Vampire Lestat


The Vampire Lestat is an improvement to Interview With a Vampire,  more action,  more exploration of the world of vampires.

the story-line was good and the ending was awesome.


 #3:The Queen of the Damned


Queen of the Damned starts where The Vampire Lestat leaves off,  a new and interesting vampires, it deals with the question of what happens when the Queen wakes. Anne Rice used such great details in this book and sited Every thing that you ever wanted to know about the origin of vampires.

This books was GREAT !